About Us

Event Hustler is the fastest way to get paid for your event. Other sites hold your money when you sell a ticket. Not Event Hustler. You recieve payment as you sell tickets to your event.

Setting up an event is super easy and it costs you nothing. We only charge a small service fee to the ticket buyer.

Fast payement, Convenient and Free.

By logging in through your Facebook account, you can seamlessly connect with your fans and friends to sell more tickets and get paid immediately.

Your ticket buyers do not need to have an account on Event Hustler, which makes this the fastest payment processing system experience for promoters, artist and fans. 

Simply put, Event Hustler is the easiest and fastest way for you to sell tickets and get paid for your event.

 Performer/Event Organizer:

  •  Setup your event ticket page on Event Hustler.
  •  Copy Link.
  •  Post on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc.).


Fan/Ticket Buyer

  • Retrieve event ticket page link on their social network from you (promoter, artist).
  • Click on link goes to Event Hustler ticket page for your show.
  • Buy ticket.
  • Leave site.



  • Fan and event promoter are sent confirmation email of the ticket sale that is redeemed at the show the date of the event. All you have to do is show a valid ID to the venue and you are in!

Looking for Sponsors for your Event?

  • Hit us up at info@eventhustler.com to see how we can help you increase sponsorhisp revenue and monetize your event!