Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a fast, free and easy event management ticket site that offers immediate payments to the event creator. Other ticket sites HOLD YOUR MONEY for as many as 7 days! Not Event Hustler. Event Huslter pays you as the ticket is sold and the money goes right to your account. It is great for event organizers/performers or anyone looking to hold an event that requires tickets (paid or free). Event Hustler provides payment reports and event rosters that are easy to find and use.

Who should use Event Hustler?
Venues, promoters, bands or anyone hosting an event that uses at ticket are a good fit for Parties, festivals, Band Performances you name it they are all ideal for Other sites are confusing slow paying and expensive. is an easy way to collect ticket revenue or event revenue from you fans and friends before the night of the event. We have even had bachelor/bachelorette parties and fund sharing events use to collect money for the big event! Raising money for a charity? One girl raised $300 in 20 mins using

Why is different?
Event Hustler is free and we pay you immediately. You no longer need to put up or "front" hundreds of dollars to do an event. Use the money your fans/friends have sent you to square up with the venue. This is a great way to sell MORE tickets to your show. It is a tool, which we have proven that if you follow our steps, you will sell more tickets/faster, with less expense and hassles. Promoters/Performers do it all the time on our site. Other differentiating features include:

      • is free to the event creator and it Pays IMMEDIATELY when a ticket is SOLD!    

      • uses the latest technology, and is secured by the PayPal integration system.
      • is run by people who care more about the user and the event than making money on the event.
      • enables you to create branded events and “quick links” to sell and buy tickets, without having to  
         create accounts or join a site.
      • allows the end user the ability to create his or her own team to email, text, and
         invite others to promote and sell your event tickets with you. They then become part of the event ticket sales team.  


How does work?
      1. Click on the “create event” link on the homepage.
      2. Log on through Facebook, Twitter or a personal username and password.
      3. Complete the fields in this page.
      4. You must have a valid Paypal account, and it needs to match the event creator name.
      5. You can invite others to sell tickets by making them EventHustlers.
      6. Save it.
      7. You will receive a text and emailed notification hyperlink that will connect your ticket buyers to a fast BUY NOW

How do I promote my event through
You promote your event very simply by emailing, Facebook Messaging, and Twitter messaging your event page BUY NOW link to your close friends and fans. We recommend you email/IM and call friends and fans directly and ask for their support. The key is to connect with each individual ticket buyer directly and provide them with a very customer friendly, simple and fast way to buy a ticket to your event. Create an event 30 days prior to the event and work to sell tickets daily.

Do I have a roster of my fans?
Yes. Your paid ticket buyers’ names, emails and paid confirmation are supplied under the MY EVENTS tab. Log into your account through Facebook, Twitter or your personal username and password and access your MY EVENTS page.

How does make money? charges a small convenience fee on each ticket sold. The fee goes to Paypal and our technology partners. We feel that an event creator or ticket buyer will save time, aggravation and money by having a simple and fast digital tool to sell and buy tickets from their phones and computers, rather than having to coordinate a meeting to exchange hard copy tickets for cash. We pay you immediately too! No more waiting to get paid!!

Do I need an account?
No way. The whole idea of this site is to be very fast for the user. does not advertise or try to sell you anything.

How do I buy a ticket?
If you have a link from the event organizer in an email, text or a social network, you:
      • Click on the link or click on BUY TICKET button on the homepage
      • Search by the band or event name in the search field.
      • You can also search on the home page under the search field.

If I create an event and sell tickets can I get a list of attendees to my event?
Yes, we provide you a detailed list of your attendees with their contact information under the MY EVENTS link once you log in. This is your list and you can download it anytime.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can sell?

Is there a cost if I don’t sell any tickets?

Can I edit or delete my event?
Yes. If you ever have any questions or need help you can send us an email to This email goes to multiple team members and we will get right back to you. Promise.

If I buy a ticket how I will I get it?
You will get an email notification that you have purchased a ticket. It literally looks like a ticket. If you lose it or do not get it, go to the homepage and click on get ticket link. Type in your email and you will get a new ticket email sent to your phone.

The night of the show how do I get in?
Your event creator has a full roster of everyone who purchased the ticket, with their phone and email. Show up to the event. Present your valid ID at will call or the door depending upon venue size and you will be let in! YOU’RE ON THE LIST!!! Super easy!

Can you help me find sponsors for my festival, concert or event?

Yes! If you have an event and are looking for sponsors we would love to connect with you. Email us at We have a full sales and marekting team to design, market and sell sponsoships to your event!!